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Hello all! And any advice on being med free....& elemental diet

Hello all, I'm new on here & I've been reading your posts for a while, but now I'd love to ask your advice. I have Crohns; 17 years. I'm my time I've been drug free after initial surgery (5-6 years), then on azathioprine (2-3 years) before getting a blockage. Shortish courses of steroids over the years. I've been taking LDN for 7 years which I think helps but like all drugs not perfect. I'm desperate not to be on immunosuppressants again as I had awful side effects (then drugs for the side effects) and I don't think it's a great way to live the rest of my life ;( I'm sort of happy to take steroids now & again to induce remission but don't want long term Aza. Anyone else feel this way?

I'm trying diet stuff, but that's confusing & frustrating, and I lose faith so quickly (why it works sometimes & not others). Last few days I have stumbled over literature on the elemental diet, and wondered if anyone does this when flaring to control things? To some degree I do liquid diets when sick but not the 'official' route...My docs never suggest it as an option.

Any experience & notes extremely welcome!


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Hi, in my experience what so many people say works for one dosnt necessarily work for another. I'm gluten free, was dairy free but occasionally have a bit of butter. There are so many conflicting stories about food and diet it's a mine field. The best thing to do is go to a homeopath and be guided by them if you want to try the diet route. Preferably one that is recommended. I don't eat much processed food. I cook from fresh, there isn't anything you can't recreate yourself using fresh ingredients. After all I remember my mum cooked and baked for 6 of us and worked full time. I'm 54 so it wasn't that long ago!!! 😬 I take vitamin D, turmeric with Pepperine. Feragloblin and a good vitamin supplement for over 50s.i try walk ever day. I go to meditation and work par time. I'm waiting to start Humira but if you've been reading the posts you'll know that anyway. I hope you find the answers as I can see you've got loads of experience with Crohn's disease. I'm trying to find a way to accept I've got it and there's no cure!! How did you deal with that? X


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