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GP Blood Test

Hi all. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after a colonoscopy in September. I had been having symptoms for a couple of years which got worse and worse. Back in March, I had blood tests done for colitis, Crohn's and cealiac but they came back normal. One of the doctors in the GI dept at the hospital said it could've been I was in remission at the time or that the inflammation wasn't showing in my blood. I was wondering if this had happened to anyone else?

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There is no blood test to determine if you have Chron's. They can only reach that diagnosis after doing a colonoscopy and taking biopsies. Not sure who told you a blood test could determine Chron's, because that is false information. I have seen other people on here say the same thing, and it frustrates me that doctors are telling people this. I too have struggled with issues for several years now. I Have seen several doctors including both a GI and a Colon/Rectal specialist who both told me you can't diagnose UC or Chron's with a blood test.


Thank you for your reply. It's frustrating being told different things, I didn't really get a clear answer when I asked why the blood tests never showed anything. I just feel like I've lost so much trust in my GP because of it. If I had been referred sooner, maybe my UC wouldn't have spread so far. I know there's no point in asking my GP/specialist, what's done is done I guess but I can't help but feel so let down by th the whole process. It took about 12 visits to my GP for them to take me seriously and think that maybe it isn't just IBS! Sorry to hear you've struggled for years, hope things are better for you now.


As Melee said there is no specific blood test for crohn's or uc, sounds like you had your inflammation levels tested and they came back normal which just means there was nothing inflammatory going on at that time. If a colonoscopy showed uc then that's what you have, you may get spells of remission and then flare ups, that's how it goes.

Are you on any medication ?

I have had uc for 40 odd years but only diagnosed 20 years ago, since then I have been on Asacol and in remission.


Ah I see, maybe that's where the confusion is. I don't remember them mentioning inflammation, just that it was testing for 'the three c's'. I don't remember them going into much detail about Crohn's and colitis, it's as if they were more concerned it was cealiac.

Yes, ive been on medication for about 6 weeks now. I'm taking Pentasa and was just on steroids (40mg) then reducing by 5mg a week but my symptoms quickly came back so I'm starting Azathioprine. I've been advised you need to take it for a while first before you feel the benefits so am still taking the steroids.

Glad to hear you're in remission, I'm hoping it happens to me soon! Is Asacol similar to Pentasa?


There is a test for celiac disease but it's not very reliable.

Yes Asacol is similar to Pentasa, I've managed to avoid steroids so far, long may that last !

Hope your meds get things under control soon.


That's great news. Wish I could avoid the steroids... I'm hoping the azathiprine works so I can come off of them!


Hi there. I have crohn's and no matter how unwell I am my bloods are always perfect. When a calprotectin is done then inflammation is evident. I believe bloods don't always reflect how we actually feel or tell what's going on with our condition. I have bowel strictures and I am going for a bowel resection next week and my recent bloods were normal. Hope this helps.


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