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Bowel Incontinence

Hi there,

I have Cerebral Palsy, Crohn's Disease, a congenital heart defect and detrusor muscle problems but today's issue is mostly surrounding my Crohn's (I think).

I've been back on Prednisolone for 5 weeks as well as taking regular 50mg Azathioprine and having 8 weekly infliximab treatments but the past few weeks I've been experiencing bouts of bowel incontinence. I got in touch with my IBD Nurse who told me that looking at my recent stool samples/bloods she couldn't see Crohn's as being a cause.

Naturally, I'm now feeling a bit down because there is obviously a reason as to why this keeps happening and it's gradually having a really negative effect on my wellbeing. My gastro consultant did inform me a fair few months ago now that I had quite a lot of scar tissue in my small intestine relating to previous Crohn's relapses and I'm wondering if this may have anything to do with it?

I'd really like some advice.


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After having a number of surgeries, and having this problem, I went back to a food dairy and had to remove a couple of items from my routine, and take Lomitil twice a day or I would never leave my home, food may be part of the problem and if you bowl is not working is another reason, I went through many different drugs with my family doctors help finally got into a position of being able to control my bowels so I could work and enjoy other activates in life. I also take bile salts binder every day as well. Work with your medical professional to get some help and do not hold back when talking to your doctor, I still have 8 to 15 movements a day, but now I am transitioning to Humeria and they are no longer like water, this is something I have not had for 20 plus years so hoping to get to a more normal state... if you are silk now this could be the reason, stress doesnot help either best wishes on your quest....



Sorry to hear you are suffering. Crohn's disease is a difficult disease to keep in remission. My son was on Infliximab for two years but in the end his body rejected it. He had all his large Bowel removed and quite a bit of his small bowel. My son had ulcerated colitis. He's been good up until recently.

Have you been diagnosed with having ulcerated colitis as well?

Maybe ask your GP to refer you to your consultant again as you may need to have an MRI of your Bowel.

Hope all goes well. You know your own body better than anyone else, listen to it. Take care.



Hello, I would go and see your GP and ask for an investigation. I don't think it's uncommon with IBD but as it is new to you it needs looking in to. Hopefully it can be solved and you'll be back to feeling well, good luck and keep positive .


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