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Will this ever stop

Back from yet another er visit and started back on Steroids. This will make a two month stretch of steroids which never put me into remission. Good news ifs the obstruction that I went in for cleared easily but I still have a mystery infection somewhere and cannot continue infusion therapy. After almost three years of non stop flaring I'm honestly ready to get this thing out of me and get back to my life. Sorry to vent but I'm tired and sick of hearing they don't know what to do.

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sorry keep at the specialist wishing you luck

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Have you been tested for other autoimmune probs?


Was tested for others but not sure how specific they were. I know for sure I was tested for rheumatic disorders as it runs in my family. Will definitely look into that though to see exactly what was done.


yeah Iv still not got to bottom of my temperature spikes, but my Gastro is being extremely thorough. I sometimes wonder if all the meds we have to take 'breaks' the immune system in some way


I really think the years of chemo drugs and immune suppressants has messed me up worse.


Dear Apen 30,

I was Dx with RA in 2008 & started on Remicade, plaquenil & MTX right away.

The thrill of having my UC in remission was beyond words.

Then it all stopped working . Next up was a profound bowel obstruction. In hospital. 3 days, & resolved without surgery. Thank God'

I continue to struggle with RA & UC & live a very alone life. My husband can't deal with it all & there is no end in sight.

I caught a cold 4 months ago & still have it.

Now it's acute bronchitis & I'm so very weary.I too believe my immune system is shot after taking all these drugs.

Praying we all feel better soon 😊


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