Hey, I'm new here and just 19. I was wondering if anyone has experienced noise in their body due to symptoms of colitis? I'm currently terrified of silence because of it which makes work meetings hard as well as sleeping over at people's houses. Could someone else identify with this or help me get it to stop? It's the worst thing that's happened to me and I really would like to stop it, thanks.

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  • Hi yes I experienced this all the time and it can be very embarrassing it doesn't seem to have a routine it comes at anytime. I discovered anything that can stop it. I think it must be just part of the colitis. It's actually funny now when I'm amongst friends and it starts happening but yes embarrassing when I'm not. Your not alone with the loud tummy.

  • Maybe you have eaten something to which your body is allergic - and it is your body complaining :-) Maybe keep a diary of your foods and note the ones that upset you pr cause noises.

  • I agree with Marz it could be food related I suffer with colitis and I find certain foods I cannot eat. Try keeping a food diary to see if any particular food triggers it.

  • It's just digestive noises. There is no logic to it that I have found - it's not hunger growls, it's not fullness growls, it's not always attributed to something I've eaten (indicating a reaction).

    I have sat through several sensitive work briefings, with my stomach letting go what sounds like Chewbacca in a bad mood, just at the point the VIP giving the brief stops talking...

    Just gotta 😁

  • Hi. I have colitis too and have the same happen...gurgling and bubbling and popping noises. I find avoiding fizzy or gas inducing foods helps. If I know I'm going to be going somewhere that will be difficult I tend to just eat very bland foods for the day or 2 beforehand, such as rice cakes and white pasta or rice, crackers, that sort of thing. I hope that helps. It is very difficult but you are not alone. Best wishes. Gill 😊

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