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Am I deficient in B12? doctors say I am fine but I feel terrible!


I was hoping for a bit of advice as I believe I am defincient in B12 but my blood levels are deemed normal.

My latest results are as follows:

serum B12 278pg

serum folate 6.7

serum feratin 46

White cell count - 3.6 10*9/L

Red blood cell count 3.87 10*12/L

Heamoglobin estimation 131g/L

Haematocrit 0.38

MCV 99.0fL

MCH 33.9pg

MCHC 342 g/L

Neutrophil count 1.13 10*9/L

I had an emergency bowel resection following adhesion's from an appendectomy in France about 13 years ago, where 1.15meters of my lower ilium was removed. I suffer with diarrhea almost daily and am always tired. I also have numbness and sharp pains in the fingertips of my left hand, which started around a year and a half ago and have since got progressively worse. The doctor said it's probably due to a trapped nerve in my elbow or injury - but I don't recall injuring it.

My notes have not been transferred properly to my NHS record unfortunately.

From your opinions could I be deficient in B12? If so how do I get my doctor to listen to me? I've been trying to get help for years.

Thanks so much

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Hi e nut

I was advised by my GP, as my bowel doesn't work properly, that I should have regular b12 injections. I had the first course a year ago. My GP believes in B12 as vital for anyone with a long term illness. He advised it is to boost my energy levels and upkeep of my general well being. Ask your GP as seems that it is becoming the norm to prescibe B12. Hope all goes well



your B12 results are within normal range, but on the low end. your haemaglobin levels are normal, in the middle of the range. Diarrhoea could well be to the fact you have shortened bowel. As the ilieum is involved in extracting fluid from faeces and making it firmer. Im afraid tiredness comes with bowel problems. I would request a referral to a gastroenterologist,l you GP cannot refuse. Im afraid Im not sure regarding finger, although if it neuropathic (nerve) pain, a lower dose of amitriptilin may be more useful than regular pain killers.

any other questions or worries please dont hesitate to ask us here, and please let us know how you get on x


Hi researching B12 you seem to be low - in japan anything under 500/550 is deemed deficient and would be treated. Optimal is 1000. Go onto pernicious anaemia forum and they'll give you a link to print off for GP.


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