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Hi everyone. I haven't been diagnosed with Crohn's or colitis, but I am awaiting to see a gastroenterologist for testing. I match the symptoms for IBD, although because my calprotection test came back normal my GP is saying it's just IBS. Although my CRP levels in my blood were raised quite a lot. I was wondering who else had their calprotection tests come back normal, and were still diagnosed with a form of IBD?

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Hi, your CRP would not be raised with IBS. calprotection is not 100% so alone cannot be used to make or dismiss a diagnosis . In fact some calprotectin can give false negative tests. Another blood test that is useful is plasma viscosity, as this is raised during inflammatory responses. not knocking your GP, but a gastroenterologist will be more helpful. gastros are also the ones who will refer you for endoscopies if needed. how long do you need to wait to see gastro? I have crohns colitis (25yrs) and i am a nurse with some gastro background. if you want to know anymore just ask :)


Thank you, this is really interesting to know. My plasma viscosity is always raised due to lupus.

My gastroenterologist appointment isn't until the end of June.

I asked my GP to send me for a colonoscopy and she wouldn't, saying it wasn't the right test.

Hope you are as well as possible today :) xx



I suffer from Crohns/Ulcerative Colitis called Indeterminate Colitis as after 3-4 colonoscopies and numerous other tests, that was the outcome.

The only real way is a Colonoscopy with biopsies taken during the procedure.

Hope that helps, I'm surprised your GP hasn't sent you to see a gastroenterologist?

Good luck and at the end of the day, ask again for a referral to a consultant.

Best wishes



I was referred to see a gastroenterologist at the end of 2014, and my appointment isn't until the end of June. So still have a while to to wait. Xx


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