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Ran without a rest! (day)

Apologies for length of blog in advance!

Today was the first time (ever) that I have ran on 2 consecutive days. (and so far I feel okay)

Since last weeks Gym excursion on Tuesday evening, I have ran for 35 minutes (5km) Friday then done a 1 hour (9km) run yesterday and the intervals today – as I had use of a gym again today and thought I should make the most of it!

It’s hard to schedule runs round life sometimes, but I still like to fit in at least 3 runs a week and that’s how it fell this weekend.

Sunday’s run was beautiful, I went to bed late on Saturday (after Cinderella o clock) after a day competing on the horse and dinner at a friends - and then as we had plans for the Sunday I rolled out of bed at 7am, eyes still bleary, stuck contact lens in, brushed teeth (in case faint and have to be resuscitated by hunky guy! (n.b have never fainted before but you never know!)) and set off across the fields in the most beautiful sunny day. Stunning views across the huge reservoir near my house, I was so distracted that I didn’t notice the muddy puddles and sheep poop till too late… nice. A lovely lovely run, felt easy all the way – don’t you LOVE those runs?? Track and fields on 4 km out and road on the 5 km home. Really enjoyed it and home for breakfast and quick shower by 8.30am and then off to London for the day (where I ended up walking for 3 hours round Epping Forest and Wanstead again!)

Today I felt really tired this morning but managed to bunk off work a bit early and get to hotel for 5pm – into the gym with improvised hair band (elastic bands from reception) and on the evil machine. I thought last week was a tad too easy so pressed a few different buttons this week (honestly it is completely random what this machine is doing and no one is around to help!) and it shot off at 15km an hour for intervals!! I so nearly fell off the back!! Anyway, regained control of the blinking thing and set intervals for 10.5km an hour fast and 5km walk for the slow. I didn’t really feel that ‘pushed’ so near the end I upped it to 11km and a very slight gradient.

I have renewed respect for you gym goers now. Frankly, it’s hot, I wobble on the machine (unable to maintain straight it seems!) and boring as hell. Also the changing rooms are mobbed with loud shouting kids – makes a muddy, sheep poop scattered field seem like a stroll in the park! So I think that maybe I am the woosie. ? Off to find some food in scary restaurants now where you get funny looks for having the audacity to be an unaccompanied lady. ?

Lucazade and a energy bar for anyone that read that epic! ?

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That sounds like a wonderful early morning run - and what a very funny blog! 15km an hour?!!!!

And I love the bit about the scary restaurants. Hope you have a really lovely meal and enjoy yourself thoroughly.


I love long blogs (but am off to make a cuppa when I finish this reply! :-)

Sounds like an idyllic run in the country; and how far! Well done indeed! And I hope you found a lovely dinner after your treadmill exploits! I don't like them but will have to be brave and use the work one when I am on 12 hour night shifts to fit in my 5x50 exercise... But will be nowhere near 15km an hour - I think I'd definately be passing out then ( & wouldn't want any of my colleagues to give me any sort of first aid - no hunky guys I can think of there!) ;-)


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