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That felt good! My own personal marathon


I know week6 run 2 is hardly the London marathon but I completed it today and conquered a hill while doing it. Great achievement for me as I really struggle with hills. I was determined to do this today, took the dog out this morning over the same route and planned how I was going to conquer the hill. Get to the next lamppost, get round the corner, next target is crossing the road, nearly there, last lampost, now it's flat and slightly downhill, that will feel good after the hill. So off on the run and it worked! Breaking it down into smaller stages really worked. The last five minutes of the second 10 minutes was great, actually felt as if I could do more.

On to run 3 now...fingers crossed.

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WELL DONE! I'm going out to do Week 6 run 1 later, I think the marathon is a real motivator for lots of us on here! Good luck for this weeks running :)


Nice technique, all that planning ahead. Well done! :-)


Well done you, a hill as well that's brave. Love the idea of a recce, wish i had a dog, he would love the walks even in the rain, hubby doesn,t like getting wet if he can help it. ;)

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