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Duped at Week 5 Run 2

Well I only have myself to blame. When I looked at the schedule for Week 5 earlier in the week (to see what I was letting myself in for) I was convinced that today's run was a 5 minute run following by an 8 minute run.

So I wasn't really listening when we started out. Probably because I was too busy faffing putting my ipod away, getting my gloves on etc and generally getting underway. I can't have been listening properly either when Laura said off you go for your first run. I think I was too busy worrying about how I was going to overtake a young man out walking a very young and feisty black labrador puppy who was pulling on his lead. Very cute. The puppy that is, not the young man.

Some time later, the audio prompt from mapmyrun pipped up at the same time as Laura and all I heard her say was "you're half way". Great, that's good I think. Keep going. So she chips in again with "60 seconds left". Ok, no worries. This is ok. I'm still thinking that this is only 5 minutes and I've run that time several times now. It's no problem.

So when Laura said stop and that I'd just run 8 minutes I thought I was hearing things! What?! Really?! I feel I've been duped into thinking I was only running for 5. Just goes to show how much of this is mental!

I was then left thinking perhaps the second run is only for 5 minutes and that I'd got them the wrong way round. But no. Off for another 8 minutes. Guess I was a little disappointed in a way but I suppose it made sense that we were increasing the total running time rather than decreasing it, which is what would have happened had one of today's runs been only 5 minutes. And now, of course, I knew I could run 8 minutes because I've just done it already!

Anyway, that's run 2 done and dusted without any hitches :D

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Ha ha - great :D It's probably best not to read what's coming up next but trust Laura - she knows what she's doing! All the best for your next run :)


Thanks. I'm approaching it with trepidation!


That's so funny, maybe they should have just lied all the way through the programme, then we'd all have been doing it easily! ;-)

Well done, duped or not, you DID it! Do not approach the next one with trepidation. All of the work that you have done already has prepared you for it, your body is ready. Now just tell yourself you can do it, and you WILL. Trust yourself and the programme. I look forward to reading about it!


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