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2nd time through the plan - taking it slowly

The first time I did the couch to 5k plan I did it in the planned 9 weeks and was finding it really tough towards the end. I just stopped jogging as soon as I had finished it.

This time around I'm taking it more slowly, from week for onwards I have being doing each week twice, I think I did week 5 three times. If I can only run twice in a week I don't beat myself up about it, I just repeat that week again. I'm currently on week 8 and finding it really managable, I'm not dreading the runs as I was at this point first time around. I think taking the plan more slowly is allowing it to become a real routine rather than just trying to acheive a goal. The progress you feel when improving every week is quite addictive and gives you a real high, making you want to keep pushing through.

The next battle will be keeping the plan up during the summer when I have finished the plan and trips, weddings and holidays keep breaking my flow - that was one of the factors that made stop last year. I'll take my trainers with me when its realistic but it's going to be a test to see if I can keep focused when my routine is all over the place.

Really want it to stick this time!

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This is a great strategy to keep you going. I think it's great that you took it up again...well done. Holidays are always difficult but I take my sport clothes with me and then make sure that it's in our daily planning for the day. But don't worry about it too much, just fit it when you can. Something is better than nothing. I am going onto W9 on Monday so we will graduate at the same time :-D Good luck with the rest of it :)


aww thanks so much! Good luck with your final week! x


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