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Starting up, looking ahead - Introducing myself

Hi all,

Last year I have tried the C25k challenge but never finished it (existing injuries and the cold weather got me stuck at running for 18min only). However, I felt much better, had a more toned body and, despite the injuries I managed to run, which is something I never thought I could do with reduced knee cartilage, incomplete kneecap and a tightrope device on my foot.

This year, to ensure I keep in track but, most importantly, to do something for a good cause I have got myself into a Race for Life which will happen in eight weeks (minus one day).

I intend to squeeze the nine into eight weeks by training every alternate day (rather than 3 days per week), which I believe it is achievable, at least in the first weeks. I hope that a set challenge like Race for Life plus all the donations and support messages I have received for that race will keep the motivation up.

I am taking this race for family and friends, and I feel that I cannot let them down. This is my motivation. If with it I can get fitter, even better (I wouldn't mind losing a few Kg)!

Going for my first run of the week, have a great day!

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Welcome and well done for starting the plan and getting off that couch! I will be keeping my eyes open for your progress!


Great to have you here after what sounds like some horrendous problems. The cold weather may (at last) be behind us now as spring is trying hard to establish herself ... Lots of luck, gentle breezes and fair days for you. Good luck with your preparation for Race for Life too - a great cause! Please don't overdo things just to complete all 9 weeks before the RfL .... You will probably find that the numbers of entrants and enthusiasm on that day will carry you along to the end anyway! It might make much better sense to do C25K steadily, resting when your body needs it, and gently increasing your overall stamina. The differences in the last few week's runs aren't enormous anyway. Consolidating your fitness and stamina, especially after injuries should be the prime objective in the earlier weeks. Slow and steady could be a mantra for you. Wishing you every success and looking forward to hearing about your progress.

Cheers, Linda


Welcome back; take it steady and you will be fine for the race for life! :)



Thanks for the support! @LMS2110 maybe you are right. I've never entered a group race, but having hundreds of people around you doing the same may give you the needed stamina to finish. And as is not about reaching first but all the work done until the race, I'll take your advice and take it slowly.


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