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my journey

my journey

I started couch to 5k in august as a way to loose weight,I was at the time 16 st +,obese,heavy smoker but determined! Unfortunately my knees couldn't handle my weight and injured myself in the first week! Left couch to 5 k on the side and focused on nutrition,started calories counting and Intermittent fasting 5:2,clean eating and lost 4 stones in 3,5 month,less embarrassed by my weight and appearance ,I joined a gym in November and focused on working my upper body while resting my knees,the pain took 3 months to go!

Started cardios gently on the cross trainer , I finally came back to couch to 5 k!

The first week was really daunting ,running 3 mns was scary but did it!

Im now on week 7 , done run 1 and not worrying anymore about completing it! :-) when doing the 25 mns run,really feel like I could go 5 mns more,but not rushing nothing,I go with Laura's instructions ! I also still do some weight lifting and body pump class!

Booked my first mud run for end of june ,and training for this!

Still training on treadmill and plan to start outdoors run when program completed! (and nicer weather! )

Planning to go on running 30 mns every other day for 2 or 3 weeks on outdoors run then increase time and hopefully speed!

This is where I am so far,still smoking a bit but has cut down drastically and really packing it up now!

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Great blog and what a transformation; very impressive! :) Well done on all that you have achieved so far and for getting back to running! Mud run sounds fun but maybe not for me :O

Not long now for graduation! Brill!



Wow looking good. Well done for achieving so much!!


Amazing photos! You're welcome to the mud run - hope it's fun! :)


Oh wow you have really come a long way, what a transformation. You have done brilliantly. :-)

On the smoking thing, have you ever thought about trying the ecigerettes? You can still have the nicotine without all the nasty stuff and ween yourself of the nicotine.

We are at the same place in the programme. I struggled with week 7 so I am doing it again, I managed 26 minutes on Monday. :-)


Well done you x


I know where is the problem with smoking and will nail it! the ecigs still contains nicotine and thats what make it addctive,so no ecigs for me! i just keep in my mind that i want to run and to run i need to make a choice! thanks for you kind words all,and wish you all well too! :-)


I wholeheartedly agree about the e-cigarette thing. I'm a freelance translator and have just finished translating some "manuals" for a new range of e-cigarettes... Full of inconsistencies... claims about nicotine not being addictive, then warnings about nicotine addiction, consulting a doctor, etc.

Quit cold turkey, it's the only way, but only when you're mentally prepared for it: it took me a couple of years before I was ready... then it was so easy. It has to come from within.

Sounds like you're getting there. :-) You'll be amazed just how quickly your lungs regenerate and at all the extra energy you enjoy once you become smoke-free.


What a great blog and a fantastic transformation - well done :)


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