I do not know what has happened to me! I have been doing well, running 3.5 miles in 35 mins and just generally enjoying my runs. The last two runs, particularly tonight's, have been rubbish!

I went out tonight and didn't even manage a mile then had to stop, I just could not breathe. I am still struggling to breathe now, my chest is wheezing like I have smoked 20 fags (something I have not done for three years)

Now I know all the usual "good runs, bad runs" stuff, I have written it on other people's blogs often enough. But I really feel my fitness has gone backwards and I cannot pinpoint why. I was not pushing to hard, in fact my pace was well down when I stopped, I do not feel ill, I am perplexed as to why I suddenly cannot run.

I feel like a junkie who can no longer get high, I really want to run but my lungs would not have it. There is nothing worse than the long walk back from a failed run. Help, I need a group hug :-(


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  • I know the feeling! I'm on Day 2 of 5X50 challnege and completely screwed up my run today. The first time ever in over 6 months that I didn't run till the end. I guess it happens!

    So I need hugging too :-)

  • Hug on the way to you too! :)

    I found today hard, maybe we're all having performance anxiety knowing we have to post our times/distances for each other to see?

  • Hugs to you, Delia.

  • Big hug sent Bluepiano. Maybe you are coming down with something? See what tomorrow brings and chalk it up to 'one of those runs'

    If you read the bad run posts on here they are usually followed by an excited blog saying 'best run ever' so maybe you've got that to look forward to?! :D

    Ps. Did your walk home total 5k?! ;-)

  • Alas no! twas a measly 0.68 of a mile!! I did do a 3 mile walk with friends earlier today though (followed be a big lunch) maybe that was part of problem!

  • Lunch could be the problem if it was a very good one. Your body willl need several hours to process all you've put into it and can't cope with exertion as well.

    I had an excellent lunch today and I knew there was no way I was going to run after it. Went for a brisk walk 4hrs later, but when going uphill I could feel that the Banana Eton Mess wasn't fully digested!

    On balance I think running on empty is much easier than on 'fully/over fuelled' :-)

  • I think you are possibly right, I did leave it for 4 hrs before attempting my run maybe it was not enough! I am still breathing like a smoker though! Banana eton mess, Yumsk.

  • A huge hug for you, and I hope your next run is a great one. Who knows why these things happen? Perhaps it was your walk and your lunch. You're not ungraduating though - don't even think it!

  • If your breathing was a problem, maybe your coming down with something. Or maybe it was a reaction to your lunch - although I would have thought 4 hours was sufficient.

  • Hi Bluepiano I don't think it would hurt to have a check up by your doctor, if you don't normally wheeze you may have a chest infection. Its better to be safe than sorry and a visit now could mean a quick fix than if left untreated. Here's a hug to be going on with (0)

  • I hope you don't get discouraged. Keep going matey, your running legs will come back!

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