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Slow but sure progress (so far)!

Week 5 run 2 completed! Yippee!

It was hard work - the legs were really feeling it. But considering a month ago I needed resuscitating after 60 seconds I think I've come a long way. :D

I went out this morning feeling pretty positive - I knew that I could do it. When things were getting a bit harder physically I used the road signs and lamp posts as mini goals. Laura's 4 minutes and 7 minutes done seemed a long time coming. The run back was made harder by a cold headwind and slight incline so these little goals helped.

I so pleased that I can run 8 minutes but the dreaded 20 minute run is taking a bit of the shine off. It seems such a big jump from 8 to 20!!! I know it will be a mental challenge but the physical side of it (legs & lungs) will also be a significant challenge.

Wish me luck :)

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Believe in yourself Helen. This is what you have been working towards and take it as slow as you need too. Try not to think too much about it and just go and do it. :-)

Best of luck and well done getting this far. :-)


Think of it as "I know I can run 16 minutes." All you've got to do is add a little extra bit of running in the middle instead of walking... It isn't actually nearly as much extra as you might think, but psychologically for the first half it is hard to think of it other than 'oh no, 20 minutes!'. Chop it in half mentally, and it's much more manageable. Hope that helps a bit!

Slow and steady for the first half, and the second half isn't nearly as bad! :)


Like Greenlegs says, slow and steady does it! You'll get there :) I use mini-goals as well - 'just to that next lamp post', 'this track is fun to run to' etc. Anything that gets you through! Good luck, and let us know how you get on :)


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