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Welcome distraction

Ooops, overslept today, OHs' alarm disturbed me from a dream where I was about to go for a run, whilst teaching a first aid class, next to the sea in the driving rain I live 70 miles from the nearest coast! - I was asking the others whether the tide was going out or in when I was rudely awakened. Bizarre or what? :)

Anyway, I digress.... the upshot of arriving later at the park for Week 4 was that i could choose to look left at the super fit boot campers (no tasty blokes though :( ) or look right at the dog training class - hmm decisions...... so I looked right :) All very entertaining, especially when one nasty little JRT tried to take a chunk out of another dog, gave him a wide berth as I jogged round I can tell you!

Just waiting for that "runner's high" to kick in - at the mo feel knackered, and dear OH wants to go for a walk now, having declined my kind offer of a run

Happy Easter everyone, watch those eggs!!

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The human psyche... ;-) Well done on a successful run.


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