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Working my way back to...running!

Yay! Second run this week and it was going to be 5 minute intervals again to make sure the calf was stable. I say *was*.....because once I'd started I felt reasonably good and thought I would extend the run.

Ran around the cemetery again, the bigger section this time, so that if there were any problems, it would only be a 5 minute walk home. Got to 1k and was going well, although I have to say, I really noticed the loss of fitness but I wasn't bothered about pace. Everything felt good so I carried on and managed another 1k and thought it best to stop there rather than push on and have a problem.

I walked for about 5 minutes or so, then as I didn't feel any twinges or grabbing, decided to try another short run. Definitely felt slower but wasn't bothered, I just want to get my distance back. I kept going and ran back to the gates, just over 1.2k, before slowing to the walk home.

I'm so pleased that the calf gave no trouble and really hopeful that I'm on the mend! I'll go out again on Saturday and might try my normal route for another 2K+ before upping the distance again.

PHEW!!! Relief....

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Yay! Glad you're getting back into it. I'm doing pretty much exactly the same thus week after tearing a calf muscle. It's hard to be strict with yourself and stop running isn't it? But it's all for the long term good is what I tell myself.



Well done for holding back - must be so hard when it all seems good, but much better to be sure it's really ready to take the impact again. Hope Saturday's run goes well.


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