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Week 4 completed - it was a cold one (to start with)

Really didn't feel like going out tonight - it's sooooo cold. My thursday moral supporter (aka husband) couldn't come out with me. However, 10 year old daughter ordered me to do it.

My goodness it was bracing out there. 1st 5 minute run was really hard - does anyone else get a burning pain in calves and across shin particularly on the incline (only a small incline)? Breathing was a little better than run 2 and my speed was a bit faster. Final 5 minute run I was begging Laura to tell me I was halfway there - she seemed to take forever....... :P

Thankfully the run was completed successfully but unfortunately it also means week 5 beckons. Think I'll take each run as it comes but I'm worried about runs 2 & 3 - it's such a massive jump ;) (eeekk!)

Let's hope the snow stays away for the next run. :)

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I agree about the weather, I have had enough of the white powder. I ran enough in cold weather, eventually I would like to find out how it feels to run in the sun, lol, Well then I prob will complain about the heat :-)


Good for your daughter, keeping you to the straight and narrow! And well done to you for doing it, despite the weather and legs. :)

Maybe the leg pains were linked to the faster speed? If you stretch your feet out in front, and land more on your heels, rather than the midfoot, it puts more strain on your legs.

Keep going steadily and you'll be fine with week 5. Just do as Laura tells you - she knows you can do it! :)


Hi Helen, your just ahead of me. Well done for completing W4. With regards to your calves I get a bit of tightening of the calves whilst running if I am not wearing knee high compression socks, although it can look a little silly, I prefer to look a little odd, than have the pain, they may possibly help the shin pain as well, although I haven't suffered with that. Good luck.


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