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Colwick Paaaagggghhhrk!

I had a day off today so I thought I would go and check out the venue for the Colwick Park Parkrun.

I'd checked out the website and knew roughly where I was headed and the approximate layout of the place.

First problem was figuring out where to park, ended up somewhere that seemed to be a car park but was in fact mostly puddle. That should have got me thinking...

The ground was really wet, more slimy than muddy in places and I have learned that my running technique works fine on roads and pavements, not so well on slithery mud!

About half way round a calf muscle started shrieking at me but I managed to finish (it would have been just as painful and gone on for longer if I had walked) but now it is so sore that I gave up on the notion of popping down to the shop.

Really hoping it's going to clear up given a couple of days rest/ice/compression/evevation

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Oh dear. Hope the weather gets better so the land drains and you get a good run at last!

Have a good rest. ;-)


I hate mud it's as bad as ice for jarring your muscles, you have my sympathy. Hope the pain eases soon.


Oh, that sounds grim :( I hope the calf muscle improves soon. RICE is good - hope it works for you.


Thanks guys. Calf a bit better today, now have soreness all down the outside of the thigh on the same leg; this tells me the lower back is also involved as I had this problem once before, luckily just as I was due a chiropractor check up! Given a few days it should settle down. Sticking to tarmac for the moment once I get running again!


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