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Sore knees :(


This is my first post on here but i've been lurking for the past 9 weeks! Ive just started week 9 of the couch to 5k plan and am really enjoying it. Ive never run before in my life and wish id done it sooner. This week I seem to have developed sore knees though :( It doesnt happen when i run and is mainly a problem the day after a run so im not sure if its connected or not. I first noticed it on wednesday when i was out for a long walk with my dog. Its mainly around my knee caps and I can feel them grating . Last night one of them woke me up because it was so stiff and sore but by the morning it was fine. Ive been out for a run today and am pain free at the moment. Can anyone shed any light on this? I really dont want to stop running because I love it.



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Just thought I'd congratulate you on getting so far, Janet!

Got no medical expertise, so I won't suggest what to do about your knees. Hopefully someone will be able to point you in the right direction.


Hi Janet! I never ran before either. I developed knee pain in my 9th week with the longer runs. I still wear a light support on one knee when I run. I read that first we build muscle, then ligament and joints are the last to strengthen. I take a supplement to help build cartilage and lubricate the joints. My knees "crackle" and make grinding noises as well! :-) All in all, even with the aches, I feel my knees are getting stronger. If you ever experience sharp pain, please stop running and consult a professional. Good luck!! Gayle


I'm having pains in my knees. I do have a few joint problems. I have found some knee strengthening excercises on the NHS choices site and I'm going to try those to see if they help. I really don't want to give up running though.


Thanks for all your encouragement and help. gayle - what kind of supplement do you take? Sounds like it would be worth trying. Im also going to have a look at those knee strengthening exercises too so thanks for that. My knees dont seem as sore this week so hopefully it is just ligaments and joints strengthening.


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