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Week 4 beckons (yikes!!!!)

Have just completed week 3 run 3 in awful weather :( although it could be worse :/

I could almost swear that this run seemed easier than runs 1 & 2. I seemed to recover more quickly (slightly) than previously between the runs. On runs 1 & 2 before the last 3 minute run I wanted to tell Laura that NO I wasn't ready to run - this time I was ready!! Amazing :)

My running speed is no faster than my walking speed but it's still running in my book.

On another note I have signed up for a race for life in the summer. I'm aiming to run it even though there is a significant uphill section.

Week 4 beckons and 5 minutes sounds very scary however this time last week 3 minutes was scary. Wish me luck! :)

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Hi Helen

Just wanted to say hi as I'm at the same stage as you. I'm going to do the first run of week 4 on Saturday. Your blog sounded just like my experience - I did the final week3 run last night and actually found it ok. Like you say 5 minutes sounds a lot but so did 3 minutes before. I think I'm feeling a bit anxious as I know the big W5 R3 is not that far away. Although I'm lots fitter than before I still can't quite imagine running for 20 mins. Guess we have to trust to Laura!

Like you, I've also signed up for race for life in July so it will be interesting to see how we progress.

Good luck :-)


It's amazing how quickly we all notice a difference in our fitness in the early weeks especially - day 2 and 3 very often are noticeably better than day 1. Maybe a lot of it is psychological - knowing you've already done it does help.

Anyway, believe in Laura, she knows what you're ready for (I wasn't at all sure I believed in her, but she was right). And the feeling after that 20 minute run is something else!


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