Have just registered for parkrun and printed off my personal bar code. I have found a local one in Braunstone in leicestershire a bus ride from where I live that runs every saturday from 9am however I am not going for a couple of weeks until I have tried my garmin to see how far I am running outside then hope to do one every other week except when I am on holiday as a practice for my race for life in june plus cannot afford to go every saturday.

I have not told anyone outside this forum about doing a parkrun until I know that I can easily run 5k outside then I may be selective about who I tell.


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  • I'm sure you'll be just fine and everyone here will be rooting for you. I know this will sound daft, but make sure you printed the correct bar code. When you go to get your code, the page says "here is your bar code" and you see the code. Not unreasonably, I thought that this was my bar code. But it isn't - you need to spot the "print your code" link and click it. You then see a bigger version of the code. That's the only size that will actually work - it should about the size of a credit card. Anyway, as I say, I'm sure you won't be as stupid as myself and you'll have printed the correct one.

    Don't be too selective about who you tell about how your first parkrun goes. At least tell us all here!

  • hi there and well done on getting ready for your first parkrun you will have a great day but dont worry if you find your not as fast as many of them as you will get better take it at a pace you feel comfortable then when you go the next time try to beat it but you will meet a great bunch of friends and pick up loads of tips so well done and have fun

  • Parkrun is brilliant - you will love it! I'm completely hooked. I usually come in right at the back, I get overtaken by people with push-chairs, dogs, 6 yr olds and folk in their 70's. It's great fun and you just get sucked into the 'buzz' of it all. Go for it!

  • Good luck with your first park run and don't worry about others shooting off just go at your own pace. I have laminated my bar code, so it lasts longer.

  • Who hoo another Parkrunner fantastic. I love Parkrun am completely hooked it doesn't matter if you are fast or slow, everyone really is welcome and encouraged. Have a great Parkrun :-)

  • Good luck. You can register your club as "NHS Couch to 5k" and join the growing number of us who are parkrunners and the results appear on this site.

    For you first run I'd advise keeping at the back at the start so you aren't tempted to go off too fast. If you can run the whole course great but I wouldn't worry if you have to walk a bit - plenty of others do.

    You might like to check out the course on your own before the event. I've read mixed views on this. Some people find the atmosphere of an event gets them round when they wouldn't do it on their own, On the other hand I find it helps to know what's coming up and how near the fininsh, or otherwise, you are.

  • Braunstone is my local Parkrun too. I've not been for a while, but I can tell you you'll find it a friendly atmosphere. Enjoy.

  • My goal is to enter the local park run when I can actually run as I've only completed Week1 of C25k but really want to enter, but seeing some of the finishing times I will be miles behind :(

  • My first one is this Saturday too. Other than me, myself and I plus my barcode, can anyone advise if there is anything else I need to bring with me? I intend to travel light as I doubt they have facilities to store items such as jackets etc.

    Also what's the protocol with listening to music? I know it's frowned on (but not banned) according to the website but wondered if that's the case at the actual runs.

    Also for Ebony, you say you can't afford to do too many but they're free to enter, or am I missing something?

  • I've only been to one so not much experience. I noticed that quite a few people had small rucksacks which they left at the end point beside the marshalls. Having flunked out of the race, I stood beside the marshalls watching everyone come in. The fast runners were running in singlet & shorts & had warmer clothing, water etc in their rucksacks.

    Hardly anyone was listening to music - I spotted one person out of about 70 runners with an ipod, but I've decided that this week I'm taking Laura with me as support & company as I'll be on my own at the back!

  • Thanks Jennie.

    I understand the discouragement re the earphones but in my case it's not really the music, it's the MMR guy telling me how far along I am. I guess I could do without it but will do the same as you, at least for my first run or two.

  • There is normally a large bucket to chuck tops in either at the start or part way round and then you collect them at the end. As always if you are leaving top / bag (we have a place to do this) it as your own risk as nobody is 'guarding' them

    With regard to running with music (if you can't go without) make sure you take your earphones out at the start and listen to the instructions and then perhaps keep music low so you can hear what's going on around you or only have one in.

  • Great re the bucket, I think I've managed to pare down what I'll take to the essentials and for 5k won't mind if I get too sweaty anyway, it's handy to know though. Agree re the earphones, it's common courtesy to do so and to be able to hear the marshals etc, I think to make that courtesy clear and obvious I'll just use them in the one ear.

  • Its the not parkrun - I know they are free but its the cost of the return bus fare there - it costs me £5-6 into leicester from hinckley so to braunstone leisure centre will be a little cheaper but not much.

  • Are you on facebook? If so check out the group Run England - Hinckley as they meet up for runs (I go to the Wednesday night beginners group) and there is a guy who is one of the leaders who has a mini bus who offers lifts when they go to Parkrun. They don't go weekly but you could always grab a lift when they do. Hope that helps :D

  • No I am not on facebook not my thing I'm afraid but I do have the run england number but I thought as I have already done C25k I am not really a would feel out of place. Someone was supposed to have called back from the Run England group in hinckley and noone did. Not too bothered as like to go out on my own or to the gym.

  • Its not just for beginners, I've also completed C25K but people meet to run together and try and encourage each other. Was just a suggestion.

  • sorry i f i offended you. Will try and contact them again as although I have found someone to run with I am sure she wouldnt mind joining a group too.

  • Two more questions, it says on the site I should arrive in time for the briefing, how long before the start should I allow for this and secondly (tough one this as I imagine it varies from race to race but thought I'd ask anyway) do the starts tend to be punctual?

  • Me again. Last week I arrived about 25 minutes beforehand which was far too early -- but gave time to find the loos and look around. Until about 8.45 the only ones there were newbies & none of us knew exactly where it started. The marshalls were probably there beforehand but they were at the end point. They set up a taped area at the end so you run thru' a finish line, that's the easiest way to spot it & them. The marshalls are in high-visibility jackets & very helpful.

    Then suddenly everyone arrived - including some running already to warm up. The briefing took about two minutes - probably at 9.00, & to be honest I couldnt really here what was said other than thanking sponsors & volunteers. It started at 9.02 according to Garmin. It seemed to happen very quickly so be prepared. The fast runners position themselves at the front and my guess is everyone else fits in behind according to where they think they'll finish.

    So I'd say turn up about 8.45 as its your first and that will give you a chance to suss things out & chat to other runners. Good luck!

  • Cheers again. I've sussed out the start and finish already so will aim for just before as the walk their will do for a warm up and I don't want to be standing around and cool down when I get there. Appreciate the answers as most of my nerves are about not knowing the routine.

  • I'd say get there 10 mins before and you'll be fine...ours is normally quite punctual

  • Will do.

  • Aaaaagh! Reading all this is very useful, but oh my goodness, it's made me even more nervous! Still want to go for it though. :)

  • Braunstone is my local one too. I haven't ran it since October but I have volunteered and they are a fab crowd. I was always in the bottom 10 but I'm not bothered it was just about doing the best I could on the day.

    Am hoping to get back too it myself in a few weeks now my health issues are being sorted, my Garmin needs a trip out!! (I have a FR10 too and I love mine.)

    Might see you there one week :)

  • Hi

    I am not going this week as didnt get up til 8.49am!probably see you there either next week or the week before I havent decided yet but I will be doing the run.

  • hey you will enjoy the experience!! they are brilliant and everyone at my local one is so supportive..let us know how you do!!

  • Thanks for the support . Not going this week as got up too late! Going for a run this afternoon to try out my new garmin! before using it on a parkrun. Will let you know how I get on at my first parkrun

  • Braunstone is my local parkrun. I have done it 3 times and reduced my time from 58 minutes to 52.36, so you can see I'm not exactly speedy. I finish way behind everyone else but everyone is very friendly and encouraging. I use whichever week of C25K I'm on and follow it properly for the first lap and whatever I can manage for the second. My next outing is March 23rd, just relax and enjoy it, it is fun.

  • Hi I am planning to do sat 23rd too so may see you there. Last time I did race for life 5k I did it in 45 minutes but I was fitter then,.lighter then and it was ten years ago!

  • Yay may see you there, I'm easy to find I'm the fat lady at the back :D

  • I'm not going today and parkrun are checking the course to see if it's safe :(

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