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Seeking out the hills!

So far I have been planning routes that have avoided hills, not easy as I live on the side of a valley on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors! But I have been reasoning with myself that as I am running more ( on week 7 now) I would have to face my fears and do some hills.

So set off tonight full of confidence having planned a hilly route with two fairly long steep climbs. It was hard, no error, but not as bad as I predicted and when I finished I was surprised to find my pace was just over the 10 min mile.

I really feel the end is in sight now, and really look forward to each run.

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Very impressive. You really are doing well to defeat hills in week 7. Yes, the end is indeed in sight! :)


Well done you! I can't cope with slight inclines!


Where I live its difficult to avoid long slight inclines. Steep bits floor me. I too am on week 7/8, but you pace leaves me standing. I'm VERY impressed :-)


Well done! I've started doing a hilly route once a week, but have planned in a couple of walking breaks. I'm in awe that you can do them non-stop in week 7, and with such fab pace! You rock!! :)


Oh, stop :0) to be fair, it was a "good running day" and I have had a couple of humiliating defeats! I think pace is just whatever you are comfortable with, I have a fast walking pace (my wife always has to tell me to slow down) so I am not deliberately aiming for 10 min miles it's is just that is my comfort zone!


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