Hindsight is indeed a wonderful thing!

So, just a reflection on this programme so far. I re-started back in November 2012 after being plagued with shin splints. If only I'd had the right shoes back in July 2012 when I first started. Oh well I have to be positive my quad is nearly back to normal, I walked four miles yesterday round the park and I think I will be back next week with my first run in two weeks, hurray! Graduation back on track...


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  • Good luck for next week

  • Woo-hoo! Start cautiously, runningwild, till you see how your legs are holding you up! :-)

    Looking forward to the biggest graduation party of all tme! :-D

  • Thanks both, just feeling bit sorry for myself! Yes will start back very cautiously I think I would have given up this running lark ages ago, if I didn't love it so much!!!


  • Good old slow and steady! Hope it goes really well for you and those legs behave themselves and you'll be back to having fun. :)

    By the way, I love your icon. It looks really chilled.

  • Yes definitely thanks greenlegs, there's no rush. A lovely surprise that my leg feels like my leg again, after limping around for the last two weeks!


  • Oh, lovely news. :)

  • I could soon be looking like the girl in my pic instead of the tree!!


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