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still hard to run outside

Went for a run outside today but only managed 10 to 15mins not consecutively either. A friend of mine is coming with me on monday so it it will take my mind off how my calves ache.

Still prefer inside but know I have to get used to running outside on inclines in preparation for my 5k at the end of june.

A good bit of news though: am finally getting a garmin a forerunner 10 which is ok as all I want to know is how far and fast i am going and calories burned,

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It is harder work outside and I think that the cold weather can make it harder to get your breathing right too. Just build it up gently, you'll be fine. Plenty of time between now and June :-)


It is nice to have a running buddy for company, it does help to keep you going.

Funny enough I always found the treadmill much harder because I struggled mentally without the distraction of "the great out doors" for lack of a better term. Hopefully your legs will adapt quickly enough. How long to your 5k?


Just saw its the end of June :)


It's definitely much harder running outside. After 2 months off I can still happily do 5k on a treadmill but struggle to do more than 2k outside. It is better when it's a bit warmer so hopefully as the weather gets better you will find it more fun :-)


I compared two of last weeks runs:

Outdoors 4.1 miles (including warm up/cool down) in 51 min 10 s with 2 walking breaks.

Treadmill 4.2 miles (as above) in 45 min 15 s non-stop.

On the treadmill I'm not far from 5k in 30 mins; outdoors I've a *very* long way to go! But hopefully some nicer warmer weather will help us all... ;)


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