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This last week will be known as the week of WIN!

I posted last week to share my excitement in hitting 10k distance wise. That put me on cloud 9 for pretty much most of the week but the good times didn't stop there!

Tuesday was my intervals day and I wanted to see if I could beat my previous 'fastest pace whilst sprinting'... which my Garmin had logged at 3:50 min/km. Tuesdays fasts past whilst sprinting was logged at 3:21 min/km. I was like a bat out of hell! Good times :)

Friday's run was next, a fast 5k. With the last months worth of intervals and still riding high from the 10k run the previous weekend, I was up for a good run. I was determined, and it felt fast. Clocked my 5k at 29:33. Woop! I broke the 30minute barrier and also smashed my last personal best which was 32:16. Knocked nearly 3 minutes off that.

I was happy! But Saturday morning, my legs were starting to get tetchy for the long run. I broke the cardinal rule of running on consecutive days and I went out for a long run. Hit 10k again (woop woop!) and better yet, I knocked nearly 2 minutes off last weeks time hitting 1hr 6minutes!

Second personal best of the week!

Sunday, the day of rest...

This morning, I was tempted to have a lay in but decided against it and go out for a 'gentle 5k' after the epic weekend I'd had... but before I knew it, I was running fast. Kept it up for the 5k and managed to knock a further 23 seconds off my 5k PB so I'm now at 29:10 - ever creeping closer to the sub-25 I'm after.

So three personal bests in four days. So so so happy with that!

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Wow - that's fantastic! What a week... You're on such a roll!


Wow, great work there, Mrqwest - you must have been really zooming along in the fast intervals. Your hard work in intervals training is paying off!


Amazing MrQ....what a fantastic set of achievements in such a short space of time! :)

The week of win indeed!



:-) :-) :-) You should be on cloud 9!!!! :-) Gayle


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