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Lots of back pain

Hey guys, I have just completed week 4 and its all going good apart from my lower back, just above my pelvis there are two muscles either side of my spine, when I am running it feels like someone is stabbing me and twisting the knife around. This seems to happen more when I am running downhill so I am wondering if I am leaning too far back while running, but once it starts it doesn't stop hurting until I begin the walks where it eases off totally, as soon as I start running again it comes back with a vengeance.

Does anyone have any ideas as I am doubting that I can complete the longer runs due to this pain

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I'm not a medic, and don't know much about back pain, but that doesn't sound at all right. It does seem quite likely that it has something to do with how you run, but probably best to get it checked out by a doctor, or a sports physio (which I know nothing about - I've just heard others mention them as being more knowledgeable about sports injuries than GPs tend to be - people have suggested doing an internet search to find a local one, or asking runners if you know any, to recommend one).

Are they very steep hills? Are you very tensed up - could it be muscle cramps of some sort? But I really don't know anything useful. Perhaps a coach at a gym could look at your running style - though I think someone medical would be a better first person to ask?

It doesn't sound a very good idea to keep running if it hurts that much. :( Sorry - hope you get it sorted out soon.


I'm not a medic either, but had back problems 3 years ago, severe sciatica. I ended up having a couple of steroid injections into my spine, it took nearly 10 months to get over it all.

It could be minor but it is worth checking out to be sure, either your GP or a sports physio as greenlegs suggests.


Again no medic but would get it checked out. I did have some back problems not when I first started but as I increased through the programme but I'm pretty sure mine was down to bad running posture and having weak core muscles. It has improved as I have done more running.


Cracked it, posture and smashing my heels into the ground. Fixed both and the back pain has disappeared thats WK5R1 in the bag :)


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