Hola from Barca!

W7 R3 done!

Thanks guys for the great advice which I had ringing in my ears as I set off. There's a lovely big park opposite the hotel and the receptionist told me there were designated paths specifically for runners so I decided that my maiden run outdoors would be perfect there. I clearly never thought this through because of course there were lots of proper runners there including a few budding Usain Bolts clearly relishing the chance to kick dust in my face.

In spite of this I loved it, how much more fun is it to run outside?!!! It clearly was good for me because Endomondo told me I ran further and faster than I do on the hamster wheel even though I thought I was running slower!

Right, enough of this health lark, I'm off for a shower and out to hit the vino tinto, see you all Monday!

2 Replies

  • Fantastico! That sounds so lovely - and you ran further and faster - wow!

    Enjoy the vino. :)

  • Outside is where it's at!

    Enjoy your trip, it's a wonderful city.

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