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Just realized women are only allowed 20g of fat. How little is that!!

As I have been checking how much I am eating, I never really thought about the fat, I don't eat a lot of fat but looking at how little we are allowed, I then realize I eat probably the double or even triple in a day. I have not Finnish my entry for the day but calculating what I have eaten so far I am already 2grm over and still have to go through dinner. How depressing is that!!

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I don't know if you are following a diet plan but if it is for weight loss then eating good fat isn't the problem. your carbohydrate intake is the thing to think about !


Good news!

The 20g relates to saturated fat only. A 'normal' woman's intake of around 2000 calories per day should be made up of around 60-70g of fats and you should actually aim for an absolute minimum of 35g.

I'm not sure what the actual breakdown is (I'm sure somebody on here will have more accurate figures) but feel free to eat away, just take care on what type of fats you are eating.


35g is more than 20 but I thought I read in the NHS website that was 20g. might be I read wrong.


I agree - unless you're on a special diet (i.e. been told by a doctor that you need to restrict fat) it doesn't matter. It's the total calorie intake that's important, and it's up to you whether you prefer them as fats, carbs or whatever. That said, if you're counting calories, you'll soon become aware of the calories in fatty foods and probably decide to avoid them (:->). Similarly, the two slices of bread in a normal sandwich will take half an hour of exercise to burn off. AAARGH - I love a good wholegrain & could eat a loaf in one sitting ... but that's almost a whole day's calories, so a big no-no.

Good luck with your wright loss - been through it and it's definitely worthwhile.


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