For those wishing to train further and go 5k up to 10k, is there enough demand for admin to consider a sub-section on this site?

I understand the NHS have no wish to do a 10k podcast but I'm wondering if this site could offer the same invaluable help it has on the C25k to those wishing to progress in distance?

I know there are threads and questions on building up to it here but I can't help thinking having it all in the one place would be of enormous benefit, after all, we all know just how motivating this place has been so far.

I don't think it would deprive the early C25kers of advice either, as it's clear how supportive folk are here and the conveyor belt will continue to provide for that. Likewise I can't see all the graduates either leaving them to it or for that matter, wanting to go on to 10k.

I may be missing something here as I doubt very much I'm the first to suggest such a thing, if so, I'd be delighted for a pointer in the right direction.

What say you guys?


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  • There's already a blog section entitled 'Couch to 5k+' (tab to the right of the community blog) which is for graduates whatever stage they are at. Lots of us who blog there who are building to 10k and half marathons, I have found lots of helpful advice & support there. Hope to see you there soon Fingalo. :-)

  • Once runners have graduated they can then blog on the Couch 25K+ found just as Notbad says to the right of Blogs. If you are already aware of this forum and are suggesting another one in my opinion it would dilute valuable information even further. I think (again only my opinion) having the 3 forums for runners i.e. Blogs, C25K+ and Questions is working well at this time.

  • Forgot to say once you have graduated you then are given a drop down box to chose which you want to post your blog to. A) Community Blog, b) Couch 25K+

    Hope that clarifies Fingalo but will just add its good to see people taking such an active interest in not just their running but also in helping others to gain help and information. I know how valuable this site is to me after completing C25K the first time very much all alone as I had not found this wonder place in those days.

  • Thanks for that, oldgirl - I was wondering how things ended up on the '+' section! I've been trying to figure out why some graduate posts are in the usual list and some are in 'plus' for ages! I suppose I haven't blogged since my badge arrived, so haven't seen the dropdown box. [goes off to think of something to blog, just to see the dropdown box...] :)

  • > I was wondering how things ended up on the '+' section!

    > I've been trying to figure out why some graduate posts

    > are in the usual list and some are in 'plus' for ages!

    They all start on the home page, but when they 'fall off the bottom' of that page, those posted by someone with a graduate badge are automatically filtered into the 5K+ section unless the writer has changed the default setting to 'community blogs'.

  • I've got into the habit of changing the setting depending on what the blog is about. If its just me prattling on about runs etc I usually bore C25K+'ers but if I think it may be info that new runners could be interested in and may help I bog it on the Community Blog forum.

    I'm off now to see what you have blogged greenlegs while I wait for my kitchen floor to dry.!!!

  • ooops that should have said blog not bog. My brain is onto washing the bathroom floor as you can see!! :)

  • Couldn't think of anything to say (now, there's a first!) so just found out where the little tab was and came away again!

  • Thanks guys, that's exactly what I was hoping for, I suppose I'm so tuned into C25k now that while I may have noticed different options at the start, I just didn't see it now. I think you can tell I started to suspect such a thing while I was writing my question as it seemed a certainty the question was asked in the past. Thanks again, I'll be reading through it for a while come the weekend.

  • on top of all of the advice above, there are other training plans and apps around that do the job too. Personally I couldn't stand *not* listening to my own music so followed an app instead of the podcasts that had exactly the same running plan and timings etc.

  • Thanks Wristy.

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