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Greetings from Austria

I started the couch to 5k in Jan to help me get fittish to go skiing. Well, here I am, just finished my first day and had a great time for being slightly fitter and 1stone 8lbs lighter.

I think I am addicted. To jogging and skiing. The buff is coming in useful too.

To anyone out there thinking of giving up, don't! It's very very worthwhile. Enjoy!

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Oh, how lovely that doing c25k has made skiing even better. So glad the buff is good for skiing too! :D


Well done, I like my buff too. In fact I've not worn a heavy winter hat this year, just used my buff to cover nose and mouth, ears too if they got cold and topped that off with my go faster Ronhill running cap which keeps the rain off and is dry in no time at all. My hubby says I look like a bank robber heading out the door!!!!!!!


Thanks for the comments. I like to run in camouflage too! You never know who you might meet!


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