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Stiff legs!!

I know that this problem has been discussed many times here on the site - I just wanted to complain really. I did my first run yesterday and felt great after a nice hot shower and some modest stretches recalled from my PE cool downs. Today however my calves feel really stiff and tight. It's not painful, just uncomfortable and it eased off when I walked to Asda. All I really want to know is - could this be a hydration thing? I don't feel thirsty unless the air is really dry so I often forget to drink and dehydrate to the point where I have technically overdosed on my meds and start hallucinating. Also - because of the same meds I can't take ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs). If my calves do get stiff to the point of painfullness (unlikely I know, but I like to be prepared) is anyone else in the same situation and what have you done to ease it?

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Try and keep on the move today as much as possible, stairs are great for slackening off tight calf muscles I find. A few runs up and down every hour will help.

Most people don't feel thirsty when they are dehydrated, your more inclined to feel hungry which your aren't. Drink plenty of water or diluted juice, fruit tea, too much won't do you any harm after exercise.


How is it going? Have you done the other two runs yet? I understand the pain, after my first run it hurt for a good while after. Try not too have a hot shower, make it a cool one as this will help more.

keep it going and good luck


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