Downloading C25k+ - Are the podcasts free & can I use them without itunes?

I tried to download c25k+ on my laptop (not using itunes) and got a message about needing to pay after 40 days. I got the original podcasts for my ipod which was easy but I wanted the new ones for my (non Apple) phone and it all got too difficult so I gave up anyway. Any advice before I have to ask the teenagers for help? (Again!) Thanks

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  • Go to this page:

    You can download the three podcasts individually for free. I use them on my mp3 player - no iphone needed.

  • I also have to ask teenagers for help but managed to download them onto a micro sd card from the nhs site & then put that in my phone. I havent a clue how to connect my phone to the laptop :)

    good luck x

  • if you have an android phone, download 'synctunes wireless' from the play store and you can move the pod casts to a playlist and then sync them to your phone. it it not too hard to set up (I am nudging 50 and managed it)

  • Thanks everyone, I'll have another go! Kate

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