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Like running outside but hate hills

I started C25k outside and only ventured inside when it got dark, cold and/or dodgy underfoot. Now it is better underfoot but still cold and am not sure i want to run outside again as being on a treadmill I can control the pace easier and slow down with no inclines!

Where I live there are a few obvious hills and some not so obvious inclines which I find challenging at the best of times even more so when it is cold.

Have enquired about joining my local running club - someone called me back and said they have beginner nights and will ask the guy running them to call me back. When I am ready I can move up but am scared I will be too slow.( I ran 3.20km on the treadmill in just over 45minutes at 4.2-3kph but not sure I would be able to replicate this outside) but as I am doing race for life in june want to improve my running style and stamina with likeminded individuals.

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You know what! You have Graduated and if you wish to practice stamina and gradually build up to whatever speed you so wish then so be it. Good for you.

All the best



I'm with Dale on this. Do what you enjoy, you answer only to yourself :-)


I joined my local beginners running group, and I love it. There were people of all abilities but the coach's are excellent and we all really improved. Now go to the main running group but am no where near as good as majority of runners but they adapt the runs etc so the beginners can join in. It is easier I think running with others and does make you push yourself. Wish you well whatever you decide to do :-)


You are not alone! I live in a very hilly place where it's hard to run 5k without doing any hills, however sneakily I plan it! Even downhills are quite hard work, I find, as you have to keep e brakes on.

Don't worry about your pace, the thing is you have completed C25k and you should feel extremely proud of yourself and your achievement! I'm sure if you go along to the local running club you'll find them really friendly and encouraging and it will motivate you to keep training and progressing as the evenings draw out!

Best of luck and run proud!


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