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Moved on from week 7 - to week 6!!

Some of you may have read my last blog where I said I was stuck on week 7 - well as the title says, I have escaped - to week 6!

After 5 days off (I went on a short break and didn't get a chance to shuffle) I decided to try once more to do the 25min - the feeling was I must have been well rested! So for psychological reasons I decided to do the final run of week 6 instead of the week 7 podcast.

Yippee - I managed it! I will now carry on to week 7 (pretending I have never been there) and hopefully I will be OK.

Meanwhile, well done to Greenlegs & Fingalo - you have overtaken me now so keep it up and I will meet you at then end! ;-)

What baffles me is why I seem to struggle - my legs feel OK and I am not breathless............must be endurance.........?.......

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Fair play BDS, I'm a great believer in using the mind to trick the body in this thing and you've managed it.

Oh and by the way, I appreciate the pat on the back, however I won't be counting my chickens just yet. Either way, it matters not who gets there first (okay, I admit I want to beat Greeners but she's merciless so I've no hope) just as long as we all get there.


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