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Too much food!

As I am still not running and confined to the couch I find myself turning to food for comfort. :-(

Every day this week I have woken up and thought "Right today I will be good, I will not stuff my face full of rubbish! I will eat fruit and vegetables and be all healthy and good."

Then I walk into the staff room and see the naughty box and think sod it! Last night I had an overwhelming urge to have chips from the chippie so I did. Then I get all guilty about the fact that I'm not running but eating for England. :-(

On the plus side I have got an appointment to see a physio on Wednesday. They have been recommended by a friend so hopefully they will be good.

So fed up, really want to run. Sorry for being a moaning so and so!

Hope you are all running well and that I will soon be back in the land of the runner. :-)


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Ooooo - chip shop chips. Mmmmmmm. Hope your physio appointment goes well.


It's frustrating to be injured and it certainly is a test of patience. I am in the same position and it is all too easy to snack. Could you persuade yourself to forego the snack and put a pound in a tin every time you get the urge? Save up for something you really want (not chips!) and treat yourself that way?


I have had a sore knee and hip which has been getting worse, so after Mondays run I decided to stop for awhile. I googles exercises for this and have been doing them. This way, even if I am not running I feel like I am actively doing something useful. Do miss the running though. But am determined not to let this knee get worse. The exercises do seem to be helping. Will be interesting to see if the next run is ok. I plan to run next Monday and see how it goes.


Yeah it is tough. I am fine if there is simply no unhealthy food around me. But I had the same problem as you yesterday. Team meeting, with cakes, chocolates, home baking etc and some of my colleagues are very insistent that if they are having them, so is everyone else. A handy thing is just to have some more healthy and tasty snacks with you, an apple, tangerine, some nuts etc. Nothing wrong with snacking, just make it healthier. Once I had an apple I didn't want biscuits etc.

Unfortunately I don't have a cure for walking past the chip shop and smelling that great smell of frying oil and vinegar. Usually I find that the chips aren't as nice as I imagined they would be, so just tell yourself that!


CHIP SHOP CHIPS - you don't know how lucky you are... :-D

Here in the wilds of central Europe we get nothing like them... pommes frites à la McDonald's is what you're served here and even thick frozen ones from the supermarket are nothing like CHIP SHOP CHIPS...

And yes I know I could make something a bit more similar myself but if I started doing that I might not stop. Which would do nothing for my waistline.

So enjoy your chips, Viki, you can run them off again when you get the go-ahead. Have some for me next time you're there too, lots of vinegar please.

And good luck with the knee! :-)


An old dieting tip to beat the lure of the chippy smell was - baked potato and put vinegar on it. Re the naughty box- could you stock up with interesting fruit teas? I know its not a choccy yummy but it might help the sweetness craving. Good luck!


Also- don't beat yourself up! You are human after all! ;-)


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