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ParkRun - Will I or won't I?

I'll bet there are many of you that have hesitated at going to your local ParkRun for the first time, well am I right?

I was one of them, I dithered and dallyed but eventually plucked up the courage to RUN.

But thats not what my question is about, have you volunteered for a duty yet? It was something I also dithered about but not for so long as they are such a nice bunch of people Parkrunners. Its also important for the event to be able to take place that they have enough officials to run it. So those of you out there that are wondering what its like to do a duty at your local event, ask the next time your down. What do I get out of volunteering instead of running? I get a sense of pride that I've been a part of making my local Parkrun possible because without vounteers they just will not happen.

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Good for you. I will probably do a volunteering session before I get to the point of doing a running attempt - seems like a good way to get a feel for how things work too.


I couldn't agree more Oldgirl, this week's Parkrun newsletter about volunteering rewards was very interesting. Personally I run/volunteer to be part of it, think it's just a great community thing & I'm not bothered about points at all. I was nervous both before my first run & first volunteer stint but both were great fun. I've only volunteered once but the sight of all those hardy souls wearing Santa hats (it was just before Christmas!) running past in the wind & rain, mostly smiling, was a fab experience. "Go for it!" anyone dithering out there.


I did my last duty 2 weeks ago in some of the worst weather we have ever had up here in Aberdeen. The wind was gale force and just about blowing us over. I was Funnel Manager that day, guiding runners through the finish line onto the Registration, we kept warm by doing jumping jacks, stamping our feet and generally fooling around while we waited for the runners to come home to the finish line. What a bunch of hardy souls the runners were that day. :)


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