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Strength & flex - graduate badges now available!

Just spotted that if you've done the strength & flex program, you can now claim a graduate badge for it as well.

I really liked the program as it got me doing some type of exercise every day. Also I found on other running websites that they recommend similar exercises to improve core body strength. I'm still a slow runner but I think the exercises do help improve your fitness and make you less likely to get injured.

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You're our first official Strength and Flex graduate. Wear your badge with pride Jenniej!


I'm really chuffed - thank you! J


Well done Jenniej! I did one session of the strength and flex, and then somehow got distracted onto other things. I think it's harder to keep motivation with that than with the running, where the progress is so clear each week. Maybe I should have another go - I know I would benefit from doing something else on the rest days.


I agree its harder to keep going esp in the cold weather. i've lapsed a few times but have gone back to it and I have noticed an improvement in my strength esp when I do it 2 or 3 times a week. Once a week I do it with a friend which is a good laugh as we wander around the park waving our arms in the air!


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