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Week 1 Run 1 - weak run done!

Well having bought some decent trainers 3 weeks ago with the intention of starting Couch 25K, intervening illness and snow meant I didn't start until today. And I almost managed to put it off again with an inability to find my sports bra.

But! I dug it out, donned leggings and my bloke's pacman t-shirt and finally started.

I liked the five minute warm-up (I can do walking!), but as soon as I started running I was taken back all those years to cross-country at school and the burning throat that comes with being out of breath in the cold.

The main road I had planned to run down was way too busy with cars, so I made my way to the local park where there were a few people out and about. A dad was trying to teach his son to ride a bike without stabilisers - the son wasn't too happy about it, and I wanted to tell him I knew how he felt!

After a few 60 second runs (with some of the 90 second cool downs extended due to my general lack of fitness) I looked at the time on my iPod, and was gutted to see that I was only half way through. I carried on though and quite enjoyed my walk home (not sure it was as brisk as it should have been!

So - I did it, can't say I enjoyed it, but it's a start.

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I loved your title, and the comment about stabilisers. A sense of humour will help to get you through this - you might even surprise yourself and find you enjoy some of it!

I look forward to following your blogs - welcome!


Congratulations on getting started, glad to hear there's someone else who experiences back-to-school-cross-country flashbacks - it happens to me too! Well done for getting out there. The first step's always the toughest!


Well done! Keep at it - it's so worth it in the end.

(So speaks a chap who, like you, remembers those tortuous PE sessions at school!) (Mr Burt, my PE teacher, wouldn't recognise me now. After completing C25K, then B210K I've lost 6.5 stone and have just started snow boarding at the age of 46!)

The C25K programme is the best thing I've ever done (apart for marrying my beautiful wife and having two beautiful children - OBVIOUSLY!)

Looking forward to hearing how you get on.


Congratulations - you won't believe how quickly you get hooked. Keep at it and well done.

Viki :-)


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