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W3R2 - im back :-)

After being away for a while due to ill health, weather and christmas etc im focused and back. if stayed at it i would have been finished it by now but hey ho ...............

enjoyed todays run feel really focused, i have changed to using the treadmill which is also a first for me as i have never picked up the pace on the treadmill before so was proud of myself for not falling on my face lol

has anybody did the run the next day without rest day?

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Well done for getting back on track. I did some of the earlier runs the following day , but I guess it depends on how fit you are when you start. I'm on week four and really feel I need the rest in between to let my ankles recover.


Glad you're back on the programme - things happen to cause breaks, but as long as we get back out there it's all fine! I haven't run for two weeks now, what with weather and bronchitis, but I'll be back out there this week, all being well.

My advice on running two days in a row? At this point in the programme, I wouldn't. Trust the plan - it's designed to break your body to pieces and then build it up again (no, no, only joking :) ) Seriously though, the rest days are designed in. You're probably a lot fitter than I was when I started and physically you could do this, but think of all those muscle fibres and give them chance to recover!



thanks for your advice. i went for a walk today rather than doing another day. that will be tomorrow however will prob be sore after the walk.

keep the faith :-)



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