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Hubby To Be Is Starting Running With Me

Ok so finally hubby to be has decided to start running with me hooray.

My question is how do I work this with the podcasts because I need to listen to them and tell him when to run and when to stop since he is starting from the beginning as he has never done running before.

Is it as easy as me just listening with the one earphone in and telling him when to run and to stop or is there another way of doing it? I want to listen to Laura and go by her timings instead of me trying to time it myself because I will just get confused.

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This is what my husband and I do! I have the Ipod and he does as he's told! :-)

I NEED laura telling me what to do and listening to the music! Hubby started 2 runs after me and has done 1 run on his own on Monday when I was itching to get week 2 run 1 done so went before he got home. He agreed that it does help having her in your ear. But, for now he'll have to carry on listening to me puff and pant the instructions to him. Loving every minute of the programme. :-)


does hubby not want to listen to laura? or is it that you just have one ipod? how about downloading the podcasts onto a mobile phone? thats what I did. I dont know how to download directly onto the phone so put the podcasts onto a micro sd card & did it that way? I do think that having laura in your ear is great for encouragement & tips so maybe he could do this.

I ran with my 2 daughters & they did this. we all started the podcast at the same time so we could all listen together.

wishing you both good luck with the rest of the program. x


My hubby and I did what Shelley's family did. We individually had it downloaded and as we walked, we would do a countdown to start together. He is taller and faster then me, so he would run ahead and then come back and do the walking with me. Good luck to the two of you!!!!! Gayle


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