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How long should I leave it?

Ouch, I've done something to my legs..booooo...short story is did week 6 run 1 on Wednesday in minus 4 temps, don't think my muscles ever warmed up and my legs hurt a bit, despite this I went out on Sat in the snow for wk6 run2, warmed up fine and run was fine but since I have proper leg pain! It's the inside of my legs between the knee and ankle, sort of between my calf and shin if that makes sense? How long should I leave it till I run again? Bearing in mind that the next run is the 25 min one!

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I'd consider giving i 2 or 3 days until it clears.


Actually don't run until the pain is gone. You could have an injury that is made worse by running on it and then be off weeks or months even! Have you had gait analysis done. It could be lots of things. Poorly fitting shoes or shin splints. Do you run on tarmac and concrete paths? This isnt good for your body. Try running on a softer surface.


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