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Chasing my tail

Run 2 of week 9 was probably my most enjoyable!

The weather being a little bit more mild and managing to ease off the pace a little meant a really enjoyable 30 minutes.

I have a slightly odd feeling of self consciousness that forces me to run too fast sometimes.

Wondering what people thnk of me lumbering round!

This evening I managed a nice even pace and could feel the harder efforts of previous weeks sinking in.

My last run of this week will be on Saturday. This will also be my first ever Parkrun abd really looking forward to it.

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Yes, I'm glad you mentioned odd self conciousness. I do that and it is crazy. I love running in the early morning when hardly anyone is about. I think that mostly it is about confidence. I am definitely getting better at this running lark and as circumstance has dictated that some of my runs have been during the waking hours, I have noticed I am less concious of what I think others looking think! If that makes any sense? Not, I know, that anyone is looking anyway ;)).

Good luck with the running!


And congratulations! Only one run to graduation. Brilliant.


Well done, graduation looms! I couldn't wait to get that shiny, green badge after my name - it sums up huge personal achievement, doesn't it? I know what you mean about feeling a bit self-conscious as I was exactly the same. I kept expecting someone to say something a bit cheeky to me when I first started so I prepared a comeback - nothing too bad, just something like 'maybe you should try it!'. However, at best I've had people saying well done and at worst some quizzical/pitying looks! :) Best wishes.


What a great and memorable grad run for you by doing a parkrun! :-) Go for it!! :-) Gayle


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