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Update on slightly off topic blog

Firstly thanks to everyone who responded to the first blog entitled above.

Vodafone said that the order cannot be cancelled over the phone;that I have to send the tablet back in a prepaid bag that I have to ring a number for. How silly surely it would save the driver the inconvenience of coming out even though he gets paid anyway. I rearranged the delivery set for today (3rd ) for monday 7th jan instead.

I think deep down I am playing for time and that I may change my mind about the tablet by the time I receive it assuming I dont miss the delivery (the delivery time is between 13.21 and 14.21 so as long as it comes before 1.45 when I have to go back to work I am ok; if it doesnt then it will go back to depot and I will notify vodafone that it has been returned not signed for and ask them to cancel the order) The only thing I am unsure of and reluctant about is being tied to a contract for 24 months over which I am sure I will be paying more than what the tablet is worth to buy (£15 a month) so not sure if it is a good deal or not.

May need to check with vodafone that I can still upgrade my phone in august (I have a blackberry curve at the moment) and my contract runs out 28th october not that I intend to move from vodafone as have had no problems with them,

Sorry for the long blog the next one will be about running & the garmin! I will let you know if I keep the tablet or not though.

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