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Just found Laura's strength and flex exercises

Someone mentioned these a while ago - I've just found them. Now to figure out how to download the podcasts. I think they'd be good for non-run days. There's a community linked to them, but it's a bit quiet - anyone else interested in doing them?

Link here to the videos:

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I really fancied doing them but I don't have enough equipment for the equipment-free work-out :D so I've just been doing weights and a yoga DVD instead. It does look good but you need an awful lot of stuff!


I haven't looked at them yet but keep meaning to as I really news to do something on non-running days. So far (touch wood) I've had no injuries as such but I have notice stiffness in my knees and ankles (not when I'm running, strangely enough, but in between times). Anyway, this morning I managed to fit in 15 mins on the exercise bike and already feel better. So - clearly I need to do more. Will check in with Laura over the weekend and report back!


Yes, she does use a tree, a park bench and some railings! I managed the park bench exercises using a kitchen chair though, and a wall substituted for the tree. The tricky one was the railings - but my stairs have posts either side, and that sort-of works (but most people's stairs probably wouldn't be suitable for that). I don't think there was any other equipment though?


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