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5k+ Stamina

I posted earlier about feeling really nervous about going out again having not run since Xmas Eve. I wasn't sure exactly what I should attempt , so I went for 5k+ Stamina :-) That little miss doubtful who seems to sit on my shoulder when i am running was telling me 5 mins into the run that THIS was going to be too hard for me :-( I ignored her and just kept running to the beat, but when Laura said we were going to up the beat, I nearly screamed !! Anyway I kept on going and guess what ?? I ran 165 b.p.m for the last 5 mins as requested by Laura . Now I remember the great feeling when i get back from a run.......... happy New Year everyone :-)

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Hi Kazzers - well done on getting through Stamina! My last run was a Stamina (it was on 13th December and since then I've had bad throat, cold and (the worst) a cough that just WILL NOT go away) - I also find the pacing very helpful, both in keeping going and not overdoing it at the beginning of the run. In fact I found all of 5k+ good because of the pacing - in some ways easier than week 8 and 9. I'm thinking of re-starting (hopefully very soon now) with Stepping Stones and seeing how far I go.

HNY to you as well :-)


Hey thanks it WAS hard :-) I agree the pacing is helpful and the reminders about my arm position. It's difficult to run with a cough isn't it? Hope it disappears soon x



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