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Too much of everything! Except running :-(

Well the New Year is here and for the last 10 days or so I have been indulging in too much rich food and booze! Much like many of you I expect.

So the week before Christmas I graduated - Yay Me!

Since then I have run 4 times and only done 20 mins for each one. Part of me is pleased that at least I've got out there (on a couple of occasions hungover and dehydrated!). Another part of me is cross with myself that I haven't been pushing to do 30 mins and increase my distance, 5k is still to be achieved.

The first thing I did on getting up this morning was to go for a run (only 20 mins) - wanted at least to get out there and do something to show my commitment to running for the year ahead.

My plan now is to be back up to 30 mins by Monday, back to work and normal routine. So I'm going to do 25 mins on Thursday and 28 on Saturday.

Got to remind myself that at least I'm still running and when my shiny new Garmin arrives that I've just ordered from Amazon in their deals I'll be eager to get out and play with it.

I'll keep you posted.


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I feel your pain Vicki. It's amazing the effect 10 days of indulgence has had on my stamina. I ran for 25 mins on Sunday and it was a killer!! I'm due to start week 8 tomorrow but think I'm just going to run for as long as feels comfortable and not try to push myself too hard for the next few days. Hope to be back on track by Monday though :-)


That's the spirit Viki! Put the last 10 days behind you and look forward to your new running goals. I too am making the most of this week to try and up my distance past 5k. Best of luck! Sue x


You're doing great ! An easy week every now and then is good for you, you'll soon be back to running for 30 mins.


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