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My year long C25K journey

I've finally done it, week 9 done and dusted and then a gruelling park run in Bristol to top it off. That was back in November and the busy December schedule makes it feel so long ago.

I started running in late 2011, no plan, no Laura, just running. It wasn't so bad and I had to learn to add in some warm down time and not beat myself up for walking bits (ha). I completed a 5k with my friend, another novice, for charity and that was that for running for the rest of the year.

2012 - my year, I'd just got engaged, my weight loss was going well despite leaving ww and I found myself wanting to run again. I was told about the podcasts and thought I should give it a go, how hard could it be? afterall I'd done a 5k a few months before......oh how quickly fitness can decline. I started around March 2012 and took each week as it came, moving on each week, I got to week 8 before life took over, I was doing a show and working full time on top and although I tried to fit in early morning runs as well my body shut down after about 15 min. Still week 8 I was proud, and thought I could continue in the Summer. I spent my summer in the heat of upstate New York. I was realistic and took myself back to week 5 owing to the sheer heat. I managed 4 or 5 regular runs in the first 3 weeks of me being out there and then my colleague broke her foot .....I then had a lot more work to do and was working 18hour days......I still wasn't put off and thought I could run on my days off but then another set back, pneumonia, not at all fun and I only took 2 days off work with it. No running for me for the rest of the trip.

4 weeks and one nasty cough finally over I was back in the UK. I started again. From the beginning, it was the only way I could face it, like before, one week at a time. I sped up the programme slightly by doing 2 x wk1, 2, 3 & 4 and then completing week 5 onwards as normal. I got to week 7 before I was getting distracted again, or finding an excuse, it was cold and dark and wet by the time I got home from work and that is all too easy to use as an excuse for not running. So I changed my environment, I joined a Gym just for the purpose of running. I have a key that goes in the treadmill and then it starts automatically and I have it set to the correct timings. I got to week 9 :) and 1 week after that I went to visit my friend in Bristol. Ashton Park is not an easy run when you're not used to gravelly hills and it was a cold wet November morning as well. We warmed up and off we went. My feet were soaked and frozen and as a result pain went shooting up into both my calves during the first incline - its not something I usually suffer with and it was agony, I had to walk a big chunk of the uphill. But downhill was running all the way and it was so much better, my friend thinks I only walked maximum of 1k of it, she is a little generous there but we were both running it for the first time and even with the painful walking sections we finished in 38 min. I was happy with that and happy to be in the warm at the end.

I am sorry to say that I havent really done any running since then (gym membership is free until January so there isnt any guilt there) but after getting a brilliant christmas present of a graduate tshirt I am looking forward to getting back on track in the New Year. I have signed on to the Bristol 10k in May which gives me a target and I'm assured it is not as hilly as the Park Run!

Now to get my graduate badge :)

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Brilliant emmam!! What determination and sheer grit you have shown to get through this and continue on the journey until you crossed the finish line! You must feel very proud of your achievement and congratulations on graduating!! You are a real inspiration for others to keep going and not give up.

Make sure you get your shiny green badge and then celebrate!!!! Sue


Congratulations, emmam!!! It doesn't always matter how we get there or how long it takes. What truly matters is that YOU DID IT!!!!

Life does seem to get in the way at times, doesn't it? Let's see, I believe that the saying goes, "Life is what happens when you have other plans!" Good for you for sticking with it and seeing it through!!

Congratulations and enjoy that "Graduate" badge!!! You have most certainly earned it!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Hi emmam, really well done for overcoming such adversity to graduate. Plenty of people would have given up a long time ago. Well done again, i am jealous! Ed x


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Very well done for never giving up and reaching your goal!!! That badge is going to look beautiful next to your name!!!! Gayle


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