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Who ate all the pies ?

.. I think I must have!

Just had my first run since Sunday, and while I've now completed week 3, I could definitely feel the affects of a few days of my Mum's home baking and incessant cups of tea - as unfortunately could the scales ;-(

Don't think I'm the only one though - I very nearly trod on a rather fat sparrow who was sat on the path and almost didn't get out of the way.

Having peeked at week 4 I think it's about to get a bit harder ......

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Hi wy, you are allowed it is Chrismas after all! i just finished W4 and it is quite tough to

be honest. Just take your time and you be fine. Good luck, Ed x


Thanks Ed


Welcome to W4!!!!! Ed is absolutely right, Christmas is for celebrating!!! I know that I had a few extra plates of food to run off!!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Welcome to week 4!!!! My first run after the holiday seemed to me I was lugging an extra ham and turkey along! I celebrated way too much with food and spirit but the important thing is to get back on plan soon after. Week 4 as well as every week will challenge you, but as long as you prepare mentally, you can do it! :-) Gayle


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