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WK 7 run 2 turned in to WK9 ;0

Hi all,

well today i went to do the 2nd run of week7 and when it come to laura telling me to slow down i had done the run i felt good so decided to carry on and see if i could do a couple of extra minutes then that was it i had done a 30 min run and i felt bloody good, must admit i was not really listening to the pod cast that much today as i was thinking about the fantastic day it was yesterday with the kids and the toys they had, the run was over before i knew it,

( i have had a few set backs over the weeks redoing some weeks as i found them hard then being ill for a week, but today is a happy day for me after doing this..)

Happy running all

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Well done Steve, i finished W4 today and thought i may be able to run a bit longer but

decided not to push my luck. Good luck for progressing in the new year, Ed.


Well done, Steve. It's really encouraging when you have a good run. You're well on your way to graduation! :)


Very nice run, Steve!! You will have this program finished up and be sporting that new "Graduate" badge before you know it!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks for the nice comments, helps put you in a the right mood for a good run, very encouraging reading the blogs on here before doing a run..


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